I Grow, I Cook, I Teach. This is where I find joy.

So, here we are again. On a venture to get going again in this space. I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching over the past 8 months trying to discover the things that make me truly happy and that give me joy.

My husband calls me a “serial hobbyist” and this manifests itself in my constantly up and down blog space and YouTube channel. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately trying to narrow down the things that really make me happy and the things that I keep returning to year after year throughout my many many many different hobbies.

What I’ve realized is this:

I love to garden. I can spend literally hours in my garden tending to it, watering it, just plain looking at it. I particularly love the joy I get out of planting an edible garden and utilizing the literal fruits of my labor.

I Grow, I Cook, I Teach. This is me.     I Grow, I Cook, I Teach. This is me.


I love to cook. My husband and I have cultivated intense pleasure in cooking for ourselves and for other people. Matt spent the first 10 years of his adult life cooking in restaurants, but with a major back injury we discovered it just wasn’t in the cards for him to cook as a career. Since then, he has carried on the pure joy he feels from cooking, but now from home. We spend a lot of time contemplating new food ideas and trying new things. We put our own spin on many well-known recipes, as well as creating new recipes inspired by our most favorite ingredients.

I Grow, I Cook, I Teach. This is me.  I Grow, I Cook, I Teach. This is me.

I love to teach. Somehow when I was 20 years old, I fell into a career that I didn’t expect and that I never dreamed I would love so much. In this space, I won’t say what exactly I do or where I work (for privacy and technicality reasons), but I spend my time teaching and sharing the world with others and I. LOVE. IT. Sharing information with others and helping them learn new things every day is what I truly enjoy. This is what I want for this space. I want to share my knowledge and my thoughts and my experiences to better the world. To be a part of someones experience towards a rich, fulfilled life. I’m still working on that and I hope you’ll join me.

So keep an eye on this space. Matt and I are working on photographing our recipes (thank goodness he is working on his photography portfolio) and I’ll be continuing my gardening experience while I am out of town for the summer working. On that note, working on this blog and living three hours away from my house where my husband and computer will be is going to be a challenge this summer, but we are committed to making it work!

Here we go again! I can’t wait!



  • Is that Kombucha in the bottles up there?! We just started making our own last month! Question about your bottles: is it best to not fill them all the way up to the top? We’re still messing around with it but we’re testing out only filling them as high as you have in those pictures to leave more air in the bottles. I’d love a post on Kombucha tips!!!! We have so much to learn!! How do you flavor yours – syrups?

    • Yea!! Kombucha bottles! I’ve been making my own since the fall and it has been such a rewarding practice! I generally fill them up to just where the neck of the bottle starts just in case if a second ferment gets extra fizzy. I was flavoring it with Jumex brand fruit nectar, but I just recently started using frozen berries and the result has been great! Matt just told me the other day that my blueberry flavor is really close to the GTs Gingerberry which coming from him is a HUGE compliment! I did a strawberry basil flavor recently, but I haven’t put it in the fridge yet. I’ll let you know how it is!