The Thing About Passion Is…

What are you passionate about? Do you know? If so, I am so very happy for you!


If you’ve been around a while on this space and have been wondering, where the heck did Hillary go? I have many answers for you.


As with every summer, I jumped back into my usual routine. The season starts back up at my summer job, I get busy, I stop blogging.


I moved! We made a huge move this summer three and a half hours away from where we were to a totally new town with a totally new plan. Matt is going back to school to study graphic design (SO EXCITING) and I’m sitting here trying to just figure it out.


This is where the passion thing comes in.


Have you ever been forced to or just given yourself the opportunity to just stand back and reassess life? Not in a small way. In a BIG way.


That’s where I am.


This move has given me the unique opportunity to take a moment to really think about what I’m passionate about. I’m thinking about what really makes me happy. What really makes me tick.


And you know what?


I honestly have no idea.


So here I am. Hashing it all out and sharing it with you. I’m working on figuring out what I love and what I want to do with my life. Because currently, I’m not really sure!


What I do know is this. I love learning things. I love sharing things. I love teaching people things. And I LOVE growing things. My garden has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done thus far living in our new house. I’ve been planting, weeding, composting, fermenting, and cooking all of the things!


So stay tuned. There’s lots to be shared in this space again as I’m figuring out just what makes me passionate.


So again I ask, what are you passionate about?