My 10 Favorite Iphone Apps

Let’s face it. Technology has taken over. At least, for me it has. I try and I try to take breaks from it and sometimes, it’s great. One of my new goals in life is to be more present. What I mean by this is to take a moment every once in a while to check in with myself and make sure that I am not getting too bogged down in the monotony of everyday life and that I am taking every opportunity I can and remember that I am alive. I encourage you to take moments like that out of your day. It really helps if you are prone to anxiety or have a hard time concentrating (both issues for me).

But again, let’s face it. Technology is awesome. The things we can do these days with our phones amazes me to no end. I LOVE my Iphone. After a little push back in 2009 when my dad wanted to upgrade me to an Iphone, I gave in and have not looked back. My husband is even on the Iphone bandwagon now.

I currently have an Iphone 6. I love its simplicity and ease of use. It is the first thing I grab for in the morning (another habit I am attempting to break, honestly) and the last thing I put down before shutting down at night. I have a plethora of apps that I use constantly throughout the day. There are quite a few that really stand out, though. So today I have brought to you my 10 most used Iphone apps.  (Most of these apps are free…some may have additional charges for extras if you choose to purchase them)



This is probably a given. Facebook is how I stay in touch with friends and family for the most part and how I see what everyone is up to. I also love the silly little posts that my friends put up; additionally it is also a great news source! I usually read about something that ends up being big in the news on Facebook first.



Also a given, I presume. Instagram is an interesting one to me. It has really turned into so much more than I thought it would. There are full-on businesses now that people are running based on Instagram. It is a spectacular way to put yourself out there and get followers on any other platform. I use Instagram a lot to promote this blog and use it even more to find out about products and services offered by others out there.


timehop app icon1

Timehop is a fun app that I actually just got into fairly recently. I always saw other friends Timehop posts and was even tagged in some before I finally decided to check into it. It has now become a part of my daily life. Timehop goes back in time on a few social media outlets to show you what you were up to back then. I love seeing what I was up to years ago. Like they say, you can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been. I agree.



Plant Nanny is one of those apps that some might think is silly. I think it’s genius. With Plant Nanny, you enter how much water you have had throughout the day and it will “water” a plant of your choosing that will grow over a few levels until you can finally put it into your “garden” to put it on display. In the garden, your plants produce seeds which you can use to buy more challenging and cooler plants. It really helps keep me on track when it comes to water consumption and I have seen a real difference in how I feel when I am on track with this app.



Fitlist is a fairly new app for me, but it was a game changer for my lifting schedule. Fitlist allows you to enter weight, reps, sets and even rest periods while you are lifting weights. I use it in my home gym in my basement to help keep track of where I’m at with my lifting stats. If you are into lifting, check it out.


mint app icon

I love Mint. I mean, I’m not sure where I would be without it. It is my go-to when I am deciding whether we can afford to purchase something or not. I used to use the budget function (and honestly should get back to doing that), but have recently fallen out of that. I have all of our accounts synced so that at a glance, I can see where we are with our funds. It is amazing. I highly recommend it.


weatherbug app icon

In life, I have two weather apps that I refer to. The first is WeatherBug. In my experience, it has the most accurate weather forecast for the 10-day and the hourly forecasts. It also has an awesome function on it called Spark. Spark gives you the closest lightning to your area and it is honestly very accurate in my opinion. My job requires me to know the weather, specifically lightning strikes; WeatherBug makes my life SO much easier.


wundermap app icon

Wundermap is my go-to for an accurate weather radar. I use the Wunderground website at work as my preliminary look at what is going on around us weatherwise. If I am out and about and need to take a quick glance to see if a system is on its way, I check out my Wundermap app. It doesn’t fail me often. I will pick it over any weather radar any day.


kindle app icon

Many moons ago, I had an actual Kindle. These days my Iphone and Ipad act as my Kindle. I love that Amazon made an app for the Kindle, so that I can now read any of my eReader books right on my phone. I love having books on my bookshelves, but I only really try to buy them if they are either pretty (usually cookbooks) or if it a book I have read and will read over and over again. The Kindle app makes it easy for me to read as many books as I want without overwhelming my house with books and bookshelves.


briefme app icon

BriefMe is also another new discovery for me. I was looking for an easy-to-read news app that would give me just the basics of big news stories. BriefMe doesn’t quite give just the basics, but it does show the most relevant and popular articles that are currently being read by other users. I generally tend to find that the major news articles that I should read to know what is going on in the world are in the front page. BriefMe shows the top ten articles that the world is currently reading, not only based upon popularity but based upon actual merit as a news article. It’s perfect for someone like me that doesn’t like to dive right into a news site and read everything to find an important news story.


There you have it. My 10 most used Iphone apps. All of these are a part of my daily life and whether they are for fun or for function, I love them all.

Do you have any apps that you love that I haven’t mentioned here? Let me know! I love finding new apps to try!

Thanks for dropping by,